BFD is a team of talented professionals specialising in branding and promotional design for the music and entertainment industry. We work with artists, venues and event agencies, combining experiential knowledge and creative skills to enhance demographic connection and overall brand strength.

The team is headed by Brett Foran, a 26 year old music producer and award winning graphic artist. Coming from a musical background, he has spent the last ten years fine tuning the relationship between music, art, and business to build and strengthen countless brands and identities – some of which are his own (below).

BFD is built on an umbrella ideology and belief that music, art, and business are all links on the same chain, and are each equally important on the road to success within the music industry.



Some of Brett’s industry awards include:

National Future Leader 2012-13
A nation-wide biannual print award – the winner is sent to London to further his or her industry knowledge and experience.

NSW Graduate of the Year 2012  
A state-wide graphic arts award presented by the Lithographic Institute of Australia / Heidelberg.

Excellence in Trade Skills – Graphic Design 2012
A state-wide industry award presented by NSW State Training.

Printing Industries Association of Australia Gold Medal 2011
PIAA is the leadership and support organisation for all businesses in the Print, Packaging and Visual Communication industry in Australia.










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